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Keto Diet Is Based On Misinformation

myths about keto diet

It is ambiguous to say that you don't need to take chronic medication after a keto diet - myths about keto diet :

A package to reduce obesity, control diabetes and control high blood pressure is very popular now a days. Many common people have been attracted towards it with the propaganda that they can get rid of chronic diseases in a magical way. In particular, the keto diet, which consists of a high protein and low carbohydrate meal schedule, has started to be followed. Some people are also saying that they are getting health benefits from this kind of diet-management and 16-hour fasting.

However, how sustainable and effective is this method of getting rid of chronic diseases and obesity? There is no debate on this.

Is there a risk of this kind of practice in a sensitive matter like health causing any problems in the future or not? Is medical science sure about this formula to cure obesity and chronic diseases or not? Another painful question that arises with this is, who will be responsible if it causes any complications in the long run?

Nowadays, intermittent fasting, keto diet is widely promoted as miraculous weight control. Also, it is said that diabetes and high blood pressure also occur quickly. Is this true?

Intermittent fasting has some benefits. Various studies have shown that it also helps in controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. Intermittent fasting is the process of eating at intervals of 16 hours.

But not everyone can do this intermittent fasting. People with high diabetes will reduce their sugar level by fasting, but it may not be effective for people with gastric problems. But for a healthy person, intermittent fasting to control diabetes and high blood pressure, to reduce obesity, is not so harmful.

Regarding the keto diet, there are pros and cons. Food should be balanced. Only protein is allowed to be eaten in keto diet. The body also needs fat and carbohydrates. By eating only protein, the body lacks fat and carbohydrates.

It is not possible to take keto diet for life-long. If you follow such a diet for a long time, the body lacks other elements. There are also questions as to whether it will affect the kidneys or other organs over time. Therefore, it should be done only with the advice of a specialist doctor, nutritionist. One should not do it because I will do it too.

myths about keto diet

By adopting this method, some people have even stopped taking medicine.

If I do not eat carbohydrates, my body will not produce sugar. As sugar is not produced, medicine is not needed. But can I stay on the same diet for the rest of my life? The question is important. Until the day you don't eat rice, the sugar will be less until that day, will the dose of medicine be reduced? But after starting to take meal again, sugar increases.

Therefore, if you stop taking the medicine, the problem may worsen after some time. You should not stop the medicine suddenly after dieting. It is possible to reduce the dose of the medicine by paying attention to the diet rather than stopping the medicine suddenly.

How many doctors are running clinics and recommending keto diet and 16-hour fasting to reduce obesity, control high blood pressure and diabetesBut what kind of doctor has recommended it is very important.

What did the doctor read? What are you an expert on? Nutrition expert or not? Recommendation should be taken only after getting information about that. The general public should be very aware of this.

If diabetes and blood pressure are completely cured by 16-hour fasting and keto diet, then there is no need for other medicinal treatment?

Yes, this is very important. If 16-hour fasting and keto diet can completely cure diabetes and high blood pressure, why would so many medicines be made? Studying medical science is to diagnose and treat diseases.

Therefore, fasting and keto diet are useful in controlling diabetes and blood pressure rather than curing it completely. These can be somewhat useful in preventing and controlling problems rather than curing them.

On the one hand, doctors prescribe medicines to control high blood pressure and diabetes, on the other hand, some doctors are advising them not to take such medicines by adopting a keto diet and 16-hour fasting. How does this kind of contradiction affect the general public?

Diet plan is also important. Fasting should also be done from time to time, it is also beneficial for health. But you should not stop the medicine too soon. It should be decided whether or not to take medicine only under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Keto diet cannot be adopted for life-long. Therefore, you should know a specialist doctor and take the right advice.

Which doctor gave the advice to stop the medicine? Common people should pay attention to whether he is an expert about that disease or not.

It is also heard that some of those who took the keto diet and followed the 16-hour fasting have other health problems. They say that they have to take medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure again. Public health is not being played like this?

Now many people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. It seems that doctors are trying to open a clinic saying that they can get rid of these problems by giving them keto diet and 16 hours fasting. If it creates any health problem tomorrow, who will be responsible?

But doctors are practicing like this, is it right or not? Is the right doctor doing the right practice or not? A doctor who has studied one subject is practicing another subject? It is the responsibility of the Medical Council to monitor this matter. 

What exactly is a keto diet? How effective is it in curing any chronic disease?

Rather than eliminating chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, it is somewhat effective in controlling them. Diabetes is also of two types, type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. In that case, it will not happen without giving insulin, it will not happen with a keto diet.

In type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced in the body, but it does not work properly. One of the reasons why it doesn't work well is obesity. For that, keto diet can help to reduce obesity. But reducing obesity does not necessarily cure diabetes. Therefore, it is wrong to say that after doing keto diet, the disease will be cured without taking medicine.

How effective and scientific is 16-hour fasting?

Fasting for 16 hours has some effectiveness. There have been some studies about it. Fasting for 16 hours controls weight, cholesterol and high blood pressure. It can also be beneficial for controlling diabetes and thyroid.

But this fasting is not suitable for everyone. If this fasting is useful for some, it may not be useful for everyone. It can be harmful for some body and beneficial for some. Therefore, this fasting should not be done without the advice of a doctor and nutritionist.

Diabetes, high blood pressure is not only caused by wrong diet-management,it is also hereditary, it is also due to the structure of someone's body, there may be other reasons. Therefore, diet and exercise can control any disease, but not cure it completely.

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